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Marketing Databases:

Database marketing is becoming a buzzword in the industry. A marketing database gives you a way to organize and control your company's entire marketing and sales process. In order to develop the most targeted marketing program, you want to find only those customers interested in your specific product.

Database marketing provides a very powerful, targeted approach to reaching specific customers. In a nutshell, it can make you more effective at reaching our customers, help you move the most likely customers to purchase, save money so you can do more with your marketing budgets, and provide you with measurements on the performance of your marketing plans.

Our database solutions can be effective to target prospects in order to market your products or services to them in a very cost effective manner. The database segmentation is based on various criteria viz., Industry type, Designations, Geographic area, Sales turnover, Number of Employees, Company Ranking, Products/Services offered etc. For ease of use, the databases are compiled in Excel format, so that you can easily manipulate the data as per your needs e.g. you can sort the data based on user specified criteria’s or you can easily perform a quick search to find a specific record.

The typical information contained in our databases is:-

- Name of the Company
- Complete Office Address
- Contact Person – Top Management, Business Heads, etc.
- Contact Details – Telephone, Fax, Email, Website
- Financial Information – Turnover, Net Worth, etc.
- Other Company Information – Manpower, Services/Products offered, etc.


Data Enhancement:

The most valuable asset of any organization is data. Maintaining databases has become an essential part of many organizations these days.

Database Enhancement Solutions help organizations in carrying out their daily work processes and procedures in an efficient and smooth manner. Maintaining the accuracy and validity of the data is of utmost importance which needs to be performed on a regular basis.

Our Data cleansing Process brings many benefits to your organization which includes accuracy and organizing the data apart from streamlining the entire process of the organization.

Our Data Cleansing Process consists of deleting the duplicate and inaccurate data from the database, organizing the data in a proper easy-to-use format. It increasingly helps the organization in boosting the efficiency of its data management systems.

Data Cleansing is never an optional activity for an organization; it is the bare essential which it has to conduct on a regular basis to increase the competence of the entire organizational work process and work flow. It is extremely indispensable as duplicate, invalid and factually inaccurate data can potentially hurt the credibility and stature of the organization in the long run. Moreover, it could lead to the decrease or lack of productivity which will again jeopardize the future prospect of the organization.


Data Conversion:

With the advent of new business ventures and entrepreneurial challenges, the significance and requirement of outsourcing data conversion has attained its peak.

Data Conversion implies the transformation and conversion of data from one format into another. The most widely used format for marketing databases is the Excel Format, wherein the data can be easily manipulated in cells and rows.

Our Data Conversion Solution offers wide spectrum of modern data conversion tools. Our experience and expertise of handling even the most complex data entry and data conversion projects has made us highly proficient in this field.

We also offer online data retrieval services, wherein data is captured from different online sources and compiled into a single database.

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