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Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.

Who We Are ?

eCore Infotech has been providing solutions for business process outsourcing since its inception. We provide an array of services like Databases, sales processes, back office operations, lead generation campaigns and a variety of inbound and outbound processes.

eCore Infotech is a noted solution provider for exclusive and highly accurate databases. The company specializes in state-of-the-art systems and technology to provide a professional outsourcing data service. Outsourcing your complex and diverse database requirements to us can be a feasible option as far as cost effectiveness and quality are concerned.

The services offered by us turns out to be advantageous as it increases the tempo of your business activities, saves time, money, efforts and presents you with other competitive advantages. Our database solutions can be effective to target prospects in order to market your products or services to them in a very cost effective manner. The database segmentation is based on various criteria viz., Industry type, Designations, Geographic area, Sales turnover, Number of Employees, Company Ranking, Products/Services offered etc. For ease of use, the databases are compiled in Excel format, so that you can easily manipulate the data as per your needs e.g. you can sort the data based on user specified criteria’s or you can easily perform a quick search to find a specific record.

Available Databases:

- Top Corporate Companies
- Small & Medium Enterprises
- Multi-National Companies
- Designations
- Business-to-Business
- Business-to-Consumer
- Location Wise
- International B2B / B2C

Our Core Values

Innovation and Agility:
We continuously seek ways to improve our services and processes, anticipating changes and responding proactively.

Individual Dignity and Team Work:
We treat people with dignity, care for our colleagues, collaborate without boundaries and contribute wherever we can.

Ethics and Integrity:
We are fair in out dealings and follow the highest level of intellectual, moral, financial and professional conduct.

News & Events


International Databases:
eCore adds International Databases of various countries to the list of existing databases
Launch Event:
Database launch event:  All India Jewellers Database / All India Exhibition Exhibitors Database

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